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The Midnight Devils are an international touring high energy glam slam boogie woogie rock n roll band out of Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL.  Featuring Sam Spade on bass and vocals, Sniper on guitar, and the indestructible Jimmy Mess on the drums.  Throwing all caution to the wind this power-trio is a bad ass-lipstick smeared party rock n roll band that takes glam to the next level.  Having done hundreds of shows from coast to coast, in support of their debut album Something Bigger, The Midnight Devils' mix of rock n roll, sexuality, and depravity are the perfect combination.  In 2022 The Midnight Devils' sophmore album Never Beg For It was released by Pavement Entertainment and pushed the bar even  higher.  Produced by Chip Znuff and featuring the singles Working For The Weekend and Highway 69, The Midnight Devils toured 10 countries in Europe in 2022 supporting the new release.  The Midnight Devils have also toured as the direct support act for UK rock legends The Quireboys, Yngwie Malmsteen, Enuff Znuff, The Bullteboys, and Pretty Boy Floyd. It's all or nothing for these rock n roll maniacs and you better believe the next giant party is just getting heated up.  

Devils Live 2020.jpg


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